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Online Training

Due to the complex nature of our training methods, and the fact that we are all about designing specific to you programs we have moved away from the Online Training format and no longer offer this as a servce. It was impossible for us to determine from a Skype call what would be the best exercise choice for a person with specific needs and goals. I myself become very frustrated not being able to assess with hands on tests and being able to see and feel things that 14 years of experience has provided me.

Having said that we decided that the next best thing would be to document ALL of our assessments, methods we use for exercise choice, program design and progression of programs for the most in demand needs. This is where our Online Shop was born and where we went and created several 60-90 minute videos with step by step instructions for designing effective programs for health problems. The videos and PDF reports you can instantly stream to your device and not wait for DVD or paperback book to be delivered that not only would cost more, but takes over a week to get to you.

We created several key programs and they are:

How To Strengthen The VMO & Knee

This professional video features over 60 minutes of step by step instruction to help you on your way. Featuring actual No Regrets rehabilitation clients, it will show you what is possible with the help of this comprehensive and easy to follow program. The manual to accompany the video contains simple and straightforward assessments that you can perform safely at home (and without the need for expensive gym equipment).

This program is packed with helpful, proven information based off years of research and practical application. This is NOT theory about what 'should' work. This is the real deal, tested and proven to work exceptionally well. We have been in the fitness and rehabilitation business of over 13 years, helping over 1,500 people achieve their health and fitness goals. This is our most popular program.

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Piriformis Syndrome Video & Book

In this video we show you some of our more complex assessments & exercises we have used successfully for over 13 years now.

Piriformis syndrome is such a tricky injury to work with, as there is so many compensatory patterns and muscles at work it is hard to find the “real cause” of the problem. We show you in great detail many of the assessments and tests that determine what is the best choice of exercise to use and along with 60 minutes of viewing time, and the PDF report complete with instructions and 6 step by step programs to follow, this gives you all the tools and knowledge necessary to complete this complex rehab process. By putting the principle of this program together we are sure you will get rid of this pain in the butt once and for all.

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Back Pain Secrets Video & Book

Back pain is so common these days, it is estimated that 85% of the population will suffer with a severe case of back pain at least once in their life. Relying on medication, therapy and worst case surgery merely treat your symptoms without ever finding a long lasting successful outcome. Many people know the benefits of building strength into the core and learning how to move better for preventing back pain, they just don’t know how to do this safely, and what is best method for their body.

In this video we answer these questions in great detail and show you some of our more complex assessments & exercises we have used successfully for over 13 years as Corrective & Rehabilitation trainers. You get a detailed version of assessing your weaknesses and finding where to start. Then we explain what stretches and exercises to do, based on your test results. We show you how you can categorize back problems into 2 key areas, and why knowing which one you are helps the healing process significantly.

By far our most comprehensive education video with 90 minutes of viewing time, that includes a detailed appendix of exercise videos to reference and along with the Free 82 page ebook with instructions and 6 step by step programs to follow.

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Shoulder Pain PDF Report

Out of all the injuries to work with, shoulder and neck pain would be the most difficult. There is just so many factors that contribute to pain, it is no surprise this injury is so common.

Many rehab programs fail to recognize that the shoulder joint is very unique and a delicate process of choosing exercises is required. The shoulder is the most dynamic joint in the body which is great for performing athletic movements like throwing a ball or serving in tennis, but this incredible mobility comes at a cost to the stability of the joint. Even though this report is about the shoulder many times we’re not really looking at the shoulder. It’s really about how the entire system works together.

This report firstly explains the 3 Key Concepts to shoulder function, how to assess and correct the underlying cause of the problem and how to integrate movements with the rest of the body. We provide 95 pages of material and each exercise, mobility, stability and important topic there is a link to a video placed within the text to guide you on exactly how to complete the program. At the end of the book is a 6 phase program that takes you through each of the important steps, we know and have proven to work for over 12 years. It is time to stop putting up with your pain and get rid of it for good!

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Little Black Book Of Training Secrets

Far too many people use the same exercise with the same intensity, whether it is sets, reps, distance run or times per week to train, ALL THE TIME. At first your program is great but soon you adapt to it and it all feels the same.

To get results with your exercise program it needs to have constant changing and progression in order for the body to change. This ebook with over 130 pages of information solves this problem. And with over 100 different programs that include chapters for Strength, Sports, Older Adults, Rehabilitation, Core Strength, Functional Strength and even running, cycling and triathlon programs, there is something for everyone! These are some of the most successful methods used by professional athletes & health professionals that are not common knowledge to most. Simple easy to follow programs, pictures and explanations for each are included that include beginner and advanced abilities.
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Online Exercise Programs For Local Clients

This last program is available as an added resource to all of our local clients. Technology has come a long, long way since I started as a Personal Trainer and CHEK Practitioner. And for us at No Regrets we are lucky to be able to have a program called PtEnhance that allows us to provide digital programs to our clients. This really is an invaluable tool and enables us to do several things.

Firstly we have several clients overseas and interstate regularly and need something that helps them stay on track and complete the necessary exercises to help them with their needs or goals. Even our clients who train with us weekly who need to travel we can connect with them via their account to ensure they stick to their program. This software gives us the opportunity to check in with them and plan out a Business Trip Training program.

Secondly we ensure that anyone who trains with us can complete their exercise program EXACTLY the way we showed them.

Technique is everything. Poor form leads to poor movement patterns, dysfunction and ultimately injury and pain. It is ironic because many people come to see a Personal Trainer precisely for this reason! Yet when they receive their program it has a lot of words that look like Japanese to them. The intricate details of every exercise, stretch and even Nutrition information is impossible to remember. They either complete the program wrong, or get frustrated and give up. Yet with our ability to provide videos, step by step instructions and print out pictures we are confident you will be able to do your training 100% perfect every time! Our knowledge and understanding of exercise technique is what we are all about.