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Online Training

We are excited to introduce you to our Online Health & FitnessTraining Program, check out  To make this viable we use an advanced training Website called ptEnhance, which is designed specifically for CHEK Practitioners

If you are an existing client you can log into the home screen here:

Our ability to provide online training means several things:

Firstly we can connect with people anywhere in the world!

Technology has come a long, long way since I started as a Personal Trainer and CHEK Practitioner. And for us at No Regrets PtEnhance really is a revolution and a valuable tool. We have several clients overseas and interstate who correspond via Skype calls and we discuss their goals, current programs and relevant issues. Even our clients who train with us weekly who need to travel we can connect with them via their account to ensure they stick to their program. Recently we have attracted a lot of interest from business owners and managing directors of companies forced to travel to China and America but need help sticking to their program while away. This software gives us the opportunity to check in with them and plan out a Business Trip Training program.

Secondly we ensure that anyone who trains with us can complete their exercise program EXACTLY the way we showed them.

Technique is everything. Poor form leads to poor movement patterns, dysfunction and ultimately injury and pain. It is ironic because many people come to see a Personal Trainer precisely for this reason! Yet when they receive their program it has a lot of words that look like Japanese to them. The intricate details of every exercise, stretch and even Nutrition information is impossible to remember. They either complete the program wrong, or get frustrated and give up. Yet with our ability to provide videos, step by step instructions and print out pictures we are confident you will be able to do your training 100% perfect every time! Our knowledge and understanding of exercise technique is what we are all about. Have a look at some of our articles on Core Strength Training, VMO Knee pain and Piriformis Syndrome to see why we place such a high emphasis on getting it right the first time! Plus you can connect with us via a simple email at any time and we will respond within 24 hours. It is that easy.


As a premium member you will have your own secure page on my website. You will be able to make appointments with us, receive regular newsletters, receive messages from myself or the team, ask us questions and send  replies. Exercise Programs that we write for you will be available for you to view complete with video clips and descriptions to view online, printable summaries that you can take into the gym, a place where you can record your workouts and view reports of your progress.

Below is an example of the program and exercise picture stills

Just some of the many options include......

·         Printable colour stills, and exercise Instruction

·         Comprehensive health and wellness questionnaires

·         World leading exercise video Library to review your program

·         Statistical and Graphical Analysis of your monthly results

·         Carefree Communication Online

·         Online Booking and Payment Options

·         Regular Newsletters in Areas of Interest to You

·         Web store for the Purchase of our Leading Health and Wellness Products

For all of our current clients who we see week to week we add the online training features as a bonus to any of my packages to guarantee we take your results to another level.

For our overseas and interstate clients we have 2 options to choose from



With this option you receive

A 30 minute initial consultation via SKYPE to explore and evaluate your current lifestyle habits, your exercise goals and ideas to get you organized to achieve the best possible results possible in 12 weeks.

A few days later we schedule a second 30 minute Skype consultation to discuss your program, detailed goals and your achievable action plan.

A comprehensive individualised 12 week exercise and nutritional training program.

Fortnightly 15 minute telephone consultations to discuss your progress, answer questions, provide feedback and support to assist you in achieving your goals.

Unlimited email support.

At the end of the 12 weeks we schedule a 15 minute post-program follow-up consultation to discuss results, answer questions and explore further actions.

Free Newsletter & education support

This is a perfect program for the person needing to lose 3-5kg and kick-start their health and fitness habits or someone wanting to take their fitness to a new level in a specific sport like Golf, Football, Tennis etc. Our Golf Performance Program is a new addition to our service where online training is crucial for you to understand the complex stretches and exercises. We have spent years developing Cycling, Running, Triathlon programs in addition to other Sports Specific programs for improved speed, power, agility and strength. A great Fast Start Program.

INVESTMENT: $499 or 2 payments of $280



This package you receive:

A 60 minute Face to Face initial consultation or via SKYPE to assess and evaluate your current lifestyle habits, your exercise goals and ideas to get you organized to achieve the best possible results.

A second 30 minute Skype consultation a week later to discuss program, detailed goals and an achievable action plan.

Monthly 30 Minute Skype follow-up consultations to discuss results, answer questions and explore further actions.

A comprehensive personalised exercise and nutritional training program that is progressed every month

Weekly 15 minute telephone or Skype consultations to discuss your progress, answer questions, provide feedback and support to assist you in achieving your goals.

Unlimited email support.

Free Newsletter & Education support

This is our most popular package as we know that a 12 Month program will GUARANTEE RESULTS! It takes that long for people to fully understand the program and implement into their lifestyle as a permanent change to their life. 12 week programs, although great for a kick-start are not long enough to get lasting results that you can maintain for the rest of your life. This program is about education, so that when our time is up you will have all the tools and knowledge to complete your training on your own. Having said that we still have several clients who have been on this program for 5 years!

Investment: $1299 or 2 payments of $680


Grab your copy of our FREE report about the secrets to Health & Fitness by clicking the image below. We are confident you will find our Online Health & Fitness Training Program is exactly what you are looking for to take you to the next level.