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We have provided this webpage to give you a one stop shop for downloading our Best Special Reports relating to Health & Fitness articles we have accumulated over the past 10 years. Ranging from topics like Golf Training, How To Overcome Back Pain For Good, 90 Days to a Half Marathon training and Training Secrets For The Older Adults we cover a wide range of needs and interests. These Ebooks have been carefully put together after a lot of research and more importantly "real life" testing and evaluating of results. There is so much confusion within the Fitness Industry we want to ensure that anyone who is a client or friend of No Regrets receives the right information about how they can get results from their exercise and nutrition efforts.

All you have to do to download your Ebook is click on the image below and fill in the details on the form on the next page for us to email your report back to you. There is no cost or obligation to buy anything. These are just free gifts for you to take away and begin using right now. If we can change your life with a simple ebook download it is well worth the effort in putting this all together. 

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Here’s what is included in this report:

  1. Movement Pattern Training versus Isolated Muscle Training page 10
  2. Isolate to Integrate page 11
  3. Functional Training vs Traditional Training page 12
  4. What are the 7 Key Movement Skills You Need page 13
  5. Progressions & Regressions Of Each Movement page 14-27
  6. Key Exercises For The Programs page 28-41
  7. Beginner Programs page 43
  8. Intermediate Programs page 44
  9. Advanced Programs page 45
  10. Other factors & References page 46-49
  11. Testimonials and Proof This Works page 50-52

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ACL Injury Prevention Checklist

This is a new addition to our free reports and checklists and is a great guide to follow when implementing a strength program for sports.

This simple checklist provides you with simple step by step methods on identifying weaknesses and potential leaks in your movement that lead to ACL injury.

Each step has a link provided to a video of exactly how to execute the corrective exercise. A must read for anyone playing sports

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How To Strengthen Your Glutes Checklist

This simple checklist provides the important steps required to build strong gluteal muscles for preventing injury and improving sporting performance.

All the steps are provided in order and have links to videos explaining exactly what to do.

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Shoulder Pain Checklist

Shoulder pain and neck pain are without doubt the hardest injuries to work with, knowing where to start and what to do is very difficult.

This simple checklist provides you with simple step by step methods on getting to the root cause of your problem.

Each step has a link provided to a video of exactly how to execute the corrective exercise. A must read for any shoulder injury.

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Here is what is included in this Special Report:

Why MOST Health & Fitness Programs Don’t Work
The TOP 10 Reasons You Cant Lose Weight
1. Stress - Is Too much stress making you fat?
2. Hormonal System - Thyroid, Estrogen, Testosterone
3. Sleep and why it is essential for weight loss
4. Exercise -The MOST important ingredient for weight loss…. muscle
5. Why Sitting too much will wreak havoc on your health
6. Eat More Fat!
7. Fructose - The hidden danger
8. Sugar & Grains- You MUST get rid of this if you want to lose weight
9. Vegetable Juicing - A simple way to get a stack of vitamins and minerals
10. Water– This is as important as breathing

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Here's what is included in this report

  1. Strength Training For Sports how it can help you better your best____pg. 7-8
  2. Choosing The Right Exercise For Improved Performance _____ pg.  9-11                         
  3. Key Exercises To Improve Running & Marking ____ pg 12
  4. Key Exercises To Improve Kicking _____ pg 13
  5. Key Exercises Used To Improve Change Of Direction _____ pag 14
  6. Key Exercises Used to improve Tackling ______pg 15
  7. The 6 Key Exercises Every Football Player Must Have ____pg. 16-18
  8. During The Season Strength Program ____ pg 21
  9. Off Season Strength Program _____ pg 22
  10. Pre Season Strength Program _____ pg 23

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This easy to follow checklist helps you break down the important steps you need to follow to overcome this injury. Piriformis Syndrome is a very difficult condition to overcome as there can be so many factors at play masking the 'real problem.' Most treatments merely treat the symptoms, but to have long term success you need a much more whole body approach. Often the exercises or movements that will help this injury are also the same ones that can aggravate it! A careful and intelligent method of selecting exercises is required. This checklist will take you through the process by step by step with easy to follow instructions.

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