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Our Team

If you are aged between 35 and 70 years old and have been searching for answers to health and/or injury related problems, and tired of being in pain and desperately need the advice and support from experts who understand your needs in order to live life to the fullest. No Regrets Personal Training have trained over 1500 Melbourne men and women exactly like this, for over 14 years now, and have been voted by their clients as the Most “Complete” Health Training Program they have ever tried before! We have been featured in National publications such as Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and have contributed to many other publications such as “The Age” newspaper and popular Online subscriptions such as Inshape News. We are known mostly for providing specific to you assessments and programs that address the underlying cause of your health problems. Almost 50% of our client base is made up mostly of small business owners and people in busy occupations who are very time poor, have a family and are under high level of stress. As a result their health has suffered recently and they recognize they need to look after themselves with a method that will fit their busy lifestyle and achieve results. Unlike 24 hour gyms, most traditional personal training or group training services, that give you a template program using a "Cookie Cutter" approach that use body building principles or "go hard go home" style of training that firstly do not relate to your goals or needs, and secondly will inevitably ruin the person with too much stress already. We at No Regrets Personal Training understand our clients needs and factors as we focus on assessing your weaknesses across all areas of health, physical, nutritional, stress, sleep and lifestyle goals. From this we can find the fastest and most effective method for improving health so you can achieve your true potential.

Our Mission

Our mission at No Regrets is to help clients excel and achieve the impossible. We are endless in our pursuit for a result with our clients by continually searching for new training methods and knowledge to enhance our service and be known  as the “best place to train in Melbourne”. We believe there are no limits, there is always another level to get to and in getting there, there should be no regrets. We encourage this philosophy with our clients as much as ourselves. At No Regrets we have experience from working with children right through to the elderly, and everybody in between. As a team we set high standards in our ability to communicate and motivate exceptionally well, and have the skills and the knowledge to help anyone achieve their personal goals.

We pride ourselves by helping others take control of their lives both mentally and physically, and have helped many people get up and running on the road to personal fitness. Who knows what you'll be able to achieve with a kick-start in the right direction!

We have won several National awards as a Fitness Business, see pictures below.

2011 we were awarded Fitness Business Rookie of the year with Fit For Profit Fitness Business Marketing.

2012 & 2013 we were Runner up Fitness Business of the Year with NPE Fitness Business Marketing.

We have also regularly been acknowledged in the local newspaper for contributions to the community. February 2014 we raised over $6000 for Wheelchairs For Kids Charity by creating a Push Up Challenge (see We were able to raise enough money to purchase 40 wheelchairs for kids in Third World countries!

And in 2012-2013 we raised over $5000 for Peter Mac Cancer Centre

In 2014 Nick was a monthly contributor to Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and was interviewed by Derryn Hinch on Sky News.

We are also proud to be an official provider of the Lift for Life® program. Lift for Life® is a unique strength training program, developed by researchers at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. The program was designed specifically for people with type 2 diabetes or those at risk of developing it. The program is also ideal for people with, or at risk of a range of chronic diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis as well as those who have previously been sedentary or who are new to resistance training.

Designed to complement our existing Stronger for Longer older adults group class, this government funded initiative allows us to make exercise more accessible to the wider community, including those experiencing disadvantage, helping to improve quality of life.

To find out more about our Older Adults program, please click here.



To keep up with the demand we have recruited a team of passionate, highly experienced and educated guys and girls that share our vision for first class, fun fitness that guarantees results. No Regrets has grown recently to 5 personal trainers catering to over 150 individuals every week! We would love to talk to you about becoming one of our satisfied clients. I challenge you to come and try one of our new and exciting group sessions and not leave energised and smiling from ear to ear!

Lets Meet The Team



  • Nick has been working in the fitness industry for almost 10 years, and quickly made a name for himself through exceptional personal training results, as well as his “machine like” researching skills and unique teaching ability. Nick has also played many sports at high levels such as Basketball, Football and Tennis and more recently Distance running, cycling and triathlon and along with an immense amount of knowledge in rehabilitation provides great insights into developing exercise programs that deliver results. Nick developed his knowledge and skills in the area of Sports Conditioning holding a certification with Twist Sports Conditioning and also is a certified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist. Understanding Core Conditioning and Program Design would be Nick's greatest asset and over the past 5 years has trained over 30 personal trainers and mentored them into becoming busy fitness professionals. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Nick held a corporate account management position with a large multinational company ( Nestle Australia ) for almost 10 years so he has a great understanding of the stress, hours of work and lifestyle requirements of the typical clients we train at No Regrets. Nick has spent a lot of time developing programs to accommodate office working and how to ensure you can maintain health and fitness in the corporate world. And in 2011 completed a Level 2 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course to enhance his skills in the area of stress management and nutrition assessments. Lastly, in addition to sports and understanding of stress and corporate life, Nick suffered many injuries during his sporting career and has a passion for developing rehabilitation programs to help people fully recover from injuries and prevent further problems in the future. Having completed several advanced courses (such as CHEK Exercise Coach & Rehab Trainer )and spending considerable time developing rehabilitation programs for clients, he is well known in the Wantirna, Mitcham and Vermont areas for his outstanding results with injury prevention and rehabilitation.


    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • CHEK Exercise Coach
    • CHEK Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach
    • CHEK Golf Performance Specialist
    • Level 2 Master Rehabilitation Trainer with Rehab Trainer
    • Silver Level Sports Conditioning Coach with Twist Conditioning
    • Advanced Postural Analysis Trainer with Centrality
    • Accredited Lift For Life Instructor
    • Accredited Pilates Instructor
    • Accredited Tai Chi Instructor
    • Level 2 Kettlebell Trainer
    • CHEK Scientific Core Conditioning
    • CHEK Scientific Back Training
    • CHEK Program Design
    • CHEK Swissball Training For Rehabilitation
    • CHEK Advanced Medicine Ball Training
    • CHEK Swissball Training

    A big part of our vision has been to establish a “one stop shop” where we provide everything health related under one roof. Melissa has been busy for the past 7 years learning everything there is to know about Nutrition, completing both Metabolic Typing advisor course with Health Excel and Metabolic Precision Advisor. Since 2008 Melissa has been a Massage therapist and uses a variety of sports, remedial and relaxation massages with many of our clients. We are able to use here ability and knowledge within the studio environment to aid our rehab programs to great effect. In 2011 Melissa completed her Level 2 CHEK Holistic Coach to add some extra tools and resources we felt we needed to help our clients overcome some of the more challenging and difficult obstacles preventing them from achieving their goals. This is why we claim to have the one stop shop for health and fitness all at the same place.  Melissa is also a qualified Personal Trainer and CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and you will find her role is split between Personal Training, Massage and Nutrition. 


    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • CHEK Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach
    • CHEK Golf Performance Specialist
    • Certificate 4 in massage (Australian College of Massage)
    • Diploma in Remedial Massage
    • Certificate in Gua Sha
    • Certificate in Eastern Style Cupping
    • Member of AAMT
    • Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1 with Health Excel
    • Metabolic Precision Advisor
    • CHEK Program Design
    • Accredited Rehabilitation Trainer

    Nathan Fejes

    Nathan is our rehab specialist trainer and a valuable member to the No Regrets team. A research junkie and and very organized trainer Nathan is also a qualified Exercise Physiologist. His passion for fitness, and in particular the rehabilitation field is unrivalled, and his attention to details and research skills help his clients quickly achieve great results. Nathan has rapidly built a great reputation in the No Regrets team as the go to guy for strength training and muscle toning. His understanding and empathy with our mature and senior clients is astounding for his age and we are lucky to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer in our team.


    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • Studying Exercise Physiology at University ( 3rd year student )
    • Level 1 Sports Trainer
    • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • Precision Nutrition Coach


    Dylan Vizzarri

    Dylan is our sports expert and he brings some exciting talents and skills to the team. Currently Dylan plays VFL football for the Box Hill Hawks and adds some professional sporting skills to our already impressive sports specific training. But in addition to his amazing sporting talents is his desire to want to help clients in their mid 40's to early 60's improve their health and fitness. This is an extraordinary attitude to have for a 21 year old and already within weeks of joining the team he is being embraced by many of our clients for his empathetic nature and wanting to help.

    Qualifications & Achievements

    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • Diploma in Exercise Science
    • Box Hill Hawks VFL listed player 2013 - Present
    • TAC cup Premiership player 2012
    • Member of the Under 18 TAC Cup Oakleigh Chargers squad (AFL)
    • Best and Fairest Blackburn Football club under 18 side 2011
    • Runner up Best and Fairest in Division 1 EFL under 18 competition


    Kim Logan

    Kim is the most recent addition to our team and she comes with extensive experience in group training and in particular boxing fitness. Kim has been in the fitness industry since 2011 and loves to combine the benefits of a strong physical workout with a mental health approach. Kim seeks to not only improve the strength of her clients physically but also their confidence and mental capacity to deal with the pressures of daily life. Her passion for fitness is amazing and her vibrant energy and enthusiasm is unrivalled. A great addition to our team.

    Qualifications & Achievements In Health & Fitness

    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • Level 2 Thump Boxing Master Trainer
    • Level 1 Punchfit Trainer 

    We embrace the CHEK training model and have spent several years developing skills to become qualified CHEK Practitioners.

    C.H.E.K Practitioners look at the entire human being as a holistic entity click this link to see what a CHEK Practitioner is click here

    Through an understanding of how control systems integrate, producing our moment to moment and long term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality, the C.H.E.K Practitioner can more efficiently and effectively isolate the area(s) each client needs coaching.

    We pride ourselves on being the BEST TRAINERS in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne with our specialized method with regards to Core Strength, Functional movement and importantly improving Health. We are without a doubt the most complete approach to Health & Fitness Training you will find in Melbourne. If you would like to book in for a FREE Assessment fill in the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.