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Eliminate Hidden Sugars In Your Diet To Become Fit & Healthy

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 18 June 2015
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Make no mistake SUGAR WILL MAKE YOU FAT! It is really very simple. Sugar is converted directly to fat by your liver and it destroys your appetite control so you want to eat more of it all the time. There are so many diet books, information, super-foods, gurus, dieticians and nutritionists all telling us "eat this or eat that", when the most simplest tip - ELIMINATE SUGAR is often missed. No wonder people are so confused about what to do. Most of us are aware that sugar is not good for us, and we try to stay clear of this food as best as we can. However many people are not aware of just how often sugar is added to foods and just how addictive it can be. Not all sugars are created equal, and they’re hidden in most of today’s processed foods. Many health-conscious people are still under the mistaken belief that as long as the sugar is all-natural, it’s fine to eat. This is not true at all. Natural fruit juice, raw cane sugar, and any number of other natural sugars will still wreak havoc on your health. Sugar is really public enemy number one. Added sugar is not really the problem; it is now becoming what’s in a lot of our food that we don’t recognize as sugar. Whether it’s having apple juice (which is worse for you than a soft drink), or having a yogurt sweetened with fruit juice concentrate, or whether you’re just thinking that fruits are actually healthy for you which is what most nutritionists still tell us, these are all creating problems that end up as weight gain or diseases. Make sure you get a copy of our FREE REPORT on weight loss, as this is one of our tips. You can get this by clicking here

To Get Rid Of Sugar Cravings You Need To Become A Fat Burner

It doesn't matter if you are eating a chocolate bar, a strawberry flavored yogurt, or a smoothie, it’s all the same thing to your body.  It still means sugar! Like we mentioned at the beginning it will convert directly into fat by your liver. You need to find a way to get rid of your body’s constant need for yet another sugar fix, and apart from losing some weight you’ll experience great levels of energy and clarity of mind. For some this is not easy to do as sugar is as addictive as cocaine! To find a way to get there, you need to retrain your body to burn fat as its primary form of fuel instead of sugar. But how do you do this? Well in a way you need to slow your system down. Think of a kid all hyper from drinking red cordial. Well the same thing happens to adults, except they are unaware that this is happening to them. Eating more fat and protein is the easiest way to slow the system down, leave you feeling more satisfied and full preventing overeating and cravings. This is a big part of our Metabolic Typing Program you can read about if you click here.

I like to use the analogy of firewood. Carbohydrates are like kindling, fat and protein is like big wooden logs. Sugar is like kerosene. You will be able to start a raging fire with kerosene, but it won't last very long before you need to add more. This is where cravings come in, because where the fire is dieing out and needs more fuel, this is where your body's blood sugars are dropping and they need more fuel. The quickest thing to bring blood sugars back is with...... you guessed it - SUGAR! On the flip side of kindling are the big heavy logs. A log will burn slowly for hours creating a consistent warmth and heat. The fire still needs some kindling though to get the fire started which is why you need carbohydrates. The best form of Carbohydrates you will find mainly from all vegetables along with some grains and fruits. These are a much better source of kindling to use than kerosene as although they burn quickly they are not out of control and drop dramatically. When you understand the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat you can control cravings and never feel the need for sugar ever again!

3 Steps To Getting Rid Of Sugar

The first thing to do is identify where it is. Go through all of the hidden sugars in your diet by looking at what foods you buy. If you are only buying meats & vegetables you will have no problems. If however you are buying processed foods of any kind you will now need to look in your pantry. This means reading the labels on all the foods you eat, including items you might never expect to contain sugar, such as the jar of mint jelly, condiments, sauces, and marinades, and so on. Anything that has more than 10g sugar / 100g needs to be removed. Really you should try to go cold turkey and get rid of it all but I have found for many people, especially those addicted to certain foods it is better to ease your elimination process by completing it slowly. As time goes by you will find you will rarely by food in packets, jars, bottles anymore and only buy fresh foods. Fresh foods do not have sugars added to them. Organic foods are far more superior to non organic and many make the switch to these foods recognizing the benefits to high quality food.

Secondly as already suggested using a gradual tapering process is more effective long term. It prevents the massive cravings and reliance on will power which will never win by the way. Food cravings, blood sugar crashes and all the emotional attachments will overpower the strongest of mindsets every time. I suggest starting with a one to two-week long taper cycle, in which you switch from high sugar impact foods to medium sugar impact foods. As an example, if you typically eat white bread, you’d switch over to whole grain, then to sourdough and lastly to no need for bread! This brings me to an interesting point here about lunches. In the Western world and in Australia where I live we have been conditioned to eat sandwiches for lunch everyday. When I tell people to eat some different foods for lunch they look at me baffled and say, "what am I going to put the filling in"? To get some great ideas as to how to make a great sandwich without needing bread read this article here bread free sandwiches

Last, I would like at scheduling your meals to where you’re not eating all too often. Try to stretch the time between meals to prevent insulin spikes. To do this you MUST eat protein and fat at EVERY MEAL. For some people that means increasing the amount of protein they eat. For example a breakfast of bacon and eggs might need 2 eggs instead of only one. Adding some baked beans along with some vegetables will ensure you have a great ratio split. You are basically trying to wean yourself off sugar slowly to get used to it not being in your system. Some people complain the foods taste very bland as they are so used to the sugar taste. I suggest adding more spices and herbs to your cooking. Watch some of the videos we filmed with our Trainer who is also a very talented Chef and Restaurant owner Ben Higgs for more ideas on how to make food interesting and tasty without adding sugar.

The Maintenance Phase

It’s quite rare to find someone who’s not burning sugar as their primary fuel these days. To check yourself, simply observe how frequently you feel hungry. If you’re hungry every two hours or so, you’re burning sugar. You’re craving food because sugar is fast burning, and your hunger is an indication that your body wants to be refueled. Once you’re burning fat as your primary fuel, you can easily go four hours or longer without feeling hungry, as fat is a far slower-burning fuel. Sugar cravings are also virtually eliminated once you’re burning fat rather than sugar. I was like this a lot when I was competing in a lot of distance running, cycling and triathlon events as I needed a lot of sugars to complete the ridiculous amount of training I was doing. I needed the sugars to fuel my exercise. It was very easy to get into a habit of eating like this all the time which is how athletes can get fat very quickly when they stop training or retire from their sport. The secret is to listen to your body and eat a bit more protein and fat to slow the system down, leaving you full and satisfied, free from cravings and blood sugar crashes. It is also for this reason why cardio training methods are very poor at helping people lose weight. Which brings me to my next secret.

You Must Add Muscle

Weight Training and interval training workouts also help to control the process of regulating sugars and we prefer this type over endurance training. Endurance training is actually among the least effective forms of exercise when it comes to weight loss, and research has shown that the benefits of high intensity exercise are not necessarily related to calories burned. Rather, it creates beneficial metabolic changes that promote health and muscle growth while boosting fat burning. These metabolic changes, which include boosting human growth hormone (HGH), do not occur when you’re doing endurance training such as long-distance running. If you’ve tried cutting calories while still eating foods like breads, pastas, fruit juices and processed fructose, yet failed to lose weight, the problem lies not in insufficient calorie restriction. Instead, you were still eating the wrong foods. Once you start paying attention to the signals your body provides (remember the hyper kid on red cordial), you can begin to appreciate how certain foods, fructose in particular, instructs your body to store fat and not let any of it go.


To achieve great health and fitness results, it is not about harder or more workouts. It is about reducing stress, eating right and adding muscle. And possibly the fastest and most effective nutrition actions you can make is to ELIMINATE SUGAR! Stop buying processed foods and get rid of it in your house as soon as you can. It really is the biggest saboteur to your health and the results of eating too much sugar are always shown around your waist. You will have a stack more energy, get rid of aches and pains and respond to your training faster than ever!

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