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Intermittent Fasting For Beginners Step by Step Info-graphic

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 27 August 2020
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Intermittent fasting is one of the fastest growing trends in the health and fitness industry with the 16/8 model the most popular method of fasting. People advertising this claim that it’s an easy, convenient and sustainable way to lose weight and improve overall health. It’s generally considered less restrictive and more flexible than many other diet plans and while it sounds easy there is some big mistakes made with this that can cause severe problems. By far the biggest misconception is you can eat whatever you want in your 8 hour window. Not only is this false it actually increases your chance of gaining weight from fasting as your body looks to store fat instead of burn fat. This info-graphic is a must read for any beginner curious to try intermittent fasting out. This will help you avoid the traps and mistakes so many people make thinking it is a short cut to losing weight.

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Intermittent fasting is a great eating method to improve your health. You should not look at this as a short cut to losing weight and you must be very planned with the foods you eat.  If you eat too many carbohydrates or processed foods it will backfire on you and increase your chances of gaining weight and eventually ruin your health. To succeed with this diet and teach the body how to become a fat burner, you must place a big focus on eating only high quality foods with decent levels of good fats during the 8 hour eating window. If you get this right you will start to feel a shift in your energy and also see the weight begin to drop off you. And the best part is you won’t even feel like you have to try to keep it going.

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About The Author

Nick Jack is owner of No Regrets Personal Training and has over 15 years’ experience as a qualified Personal Trainer, Level 2 Rehabilitation trainer, CHEK practitioner, and Level 2 Sports conditioning Coach. Based in Melbourne Australia he specialises in providing solutions to injury and health problems for people of all ages using the latest methods of assessing movement and corrective exercise.


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