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Four Simple Steps To Losing Belly Fat For Good

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 12 November 2014
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This is without doubt the most frustrating thing I have come across in my career as a Personal Trainer in Melbourne. The client who absolutely hammers themselves with all types of exercise, but has poor nutrition habits and wonders why they don't lose the belly fat! A classic case of the gym junkie who is ignorant to the two biggest factors regarding weight loss, STRESS and NUTRITION. In fact it is also safe to say that most personal trainers are ignorant to the first factor too! The formula I have found to be the only way to truly get rid of the gut is

What you’ll see here is two things happening. Firstly whenever cortisol levels (your stress hormones) are chronically high, it suppresses your androgens (growth hormones), so things like testosterone and growth hormone are suppressed, which is not good if you are trying to add muscle to get stronger and fitter. You need more muscle to speed up your metabolism so you are already off to a bad start. In addition to testosterone decreasing, your gluco-corticoids or your stress hormones are elevated. One of the first reactions is that the body thinks that it’s going to have a long-term energy crisis, if we repeatedly stress out our hormonal system. So what normally happens is most bodies will start accumulating fat right around the belly button, and this is your signal that this is a chronic stress related problem. Make sure you watch this video to fully understand What Stress Is and Where Does it come from. So what do most people do to get rid of the gut? They start doing heaps of ab exercises, do more boxing classes or run more, and start starving themselves or cutting fat out and sorts of other crazy and ineffective ideas. This is the go hard go home mentality that does not work, and will only set you up for a lifetime of chronic problems. By the way calorie restriction never works either in case you were thinking of doing that too. Another philosophy of most personal trainers and diet books that just sets people up for....... you guessed it, more STRESS! 

What you need to do is,

  1. Eat high quality meals balanced for your Metabolic Type,
  2. Reduce your stress. Watch the video on Reducing Stress for ideas on how to do this
  3. Lastly NEVER skip meals or go longer than 4 hours without eating and you’ll see that that fat around the belly button will start to metabolize and disappear which makes everybody happy.
  4. Include a good Strength training program 3-4 times per week. (If you need help designing a program go to our Personal Training page and fill in a consult form and I will get in touch with you within 24 hours)


Why You Should Never Skip Meals

When people skip meals, many don’t even realize that they’re doing it. They tend to just get caught up with what they’re doing. I found this to be particularly common with people that work at computers. They seem to become mesmerized, and interestingly enough there is research out there showing that whenever we are in front of a television screen or even a computer screen that the basal metabolic rate can drop below basal (or your normal metabolic rate). In my 10 years as a Personal Trainer I have found that the people who had the most trouble losing weight, 90% of the time were also people who regularly skipped meals. It is really important for people to really understand what happens when they are skipping meals while they’re working at computers, what I’ve found is that they are being put into a hypnotic state, like a dream state. This is a real problem for people that are trying to manage their weight or their body shape because they don’t realize that essentially they are reducing the number of calories their body is burning every minute by going into this state! This just becomes a bad habit, that if it remains unchanged for too long is increasingly hard to change!

Never Go Longer Than 4 Hours Without Eating

Firstly we all know that this will slow down your metabolism but it will also start to play havoc with other parts of your hormonal system. Now some people may go more than four hours without eating, yet still eat three meals a day. Sometimes what you’ll see is that their meal spacing is chaotic. So they might eat breakfast, but then not eat lunch until 2pm in the afternoon, and then come home and eat dinner at 5pm. One of the things that happens when people have improper meal spacing is that they go from having normal food and normal blood sugar into hypoglycemia and the rebound effect is that if they eat too close together to compensate, that they overload their body with too much food, and that puts tremendous stress on the system; it can activate the immune system; it can elevated body temperature. And if the person does not have much reserve, typically what happens is when they space meals too close together, the overload causes fatigue and the reaction is almost always to drink coffee, tea, or eat a sweet dessert, and so that cycle becomes entrenched and continues to happen.


The body can easily be entrained into any rhythm—good or bad. So if you have improper meal spacing, it can become engrained into your system which is why it’s so important to understand why you must eat regularly and within four hours. Three to four hours is ideal meal spacing depending on an each person's needs. Once you have found the faulty meal spacing, what can happen is you can start eating meals on a prescribed time schedule, let’s say breakfast at 6:00am and lunch at 2:00pm and now you want them to eat lunch more around noon, you’ll find that for a couple of weeks, anywhere from 14 and 21 days, you’ll all of a sudden get hungry around 2 o’clock which was their previously scheduled meal time, not because they need the food but because they are entrained into that habit pattern. This is also when cravings and addictions take place!

The liver and your digestive system, in combination with your hormones basically do many functions in order for our meals and drinks to be fully digested, broken down and utilized for energy, repair and maintenance of the the system. For example, if you normally eat or drink coffee in the morning and you’re going to the local cafe, there will be going to be a lot of harmful toxins in that coffee (yes coffee is toxic) and at the time of the day that you normally drink the coffee, the liver will begin stimulating or building enzymes to handle those toxins in preparation for the coffee. So there is a reflex at every level of your hormones almost predicting when you are going to have the toxic coffee and start preparing everything at the exact time of day every day! Pretty scary stuff isn't it, but if you think about it you will remember many occassions thinking or craving of a coffee at a certain time. This is why. And even when we change a our meal spacing, we must remember that this biochemical preparation, which then triggers cravings so that the enzymes and nutrients aren’t wasted, often can result in people attempting to correct their meal schedule, but overeating instead. Paying attention to your reactions is a massive part of our Metabolic Typing program and I would encourage you to read the book pictured below

Whatever You Do, Don't Skip Breakfast!

If people skip breakfast it tends to throw them into a blood sugar crisis and elevate cortisol levels right from the start, and because of the catabolic nature of cortisol. Just to remind you of what happens when we elevate cortisol levels too much, it will spark a fear response in your mind, and it can trigger off an emotional rollercoaster that goes on throughout a person’s day and can be quite disruptive in their personal and professional lives. Breakfast would be the MOST important meal to have for the very reasons just mentioned. It is very hard trying to play catch up all day long. It is so much easier to start on the right foot first.

If your goal is to lose the belly bulge or get rid of the love handles, start with the simple formula I had at the start and you cannot go wrong. If you are someone who has been overweight all of your life, this is definitely a hormonal issue that cannot be resolved with the typical approach and why you have always struggled to lose the weight. This approach may not be fast or the quick fix that so many people are after, but if you get it right, guess what you only have to do it once and it works! Read our success stories to see proof of the success of our program.

Paul Chek: How To Eat Move & Be Healthy and How To Eat Move and Be Healthy Handbook

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