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There are many large gyms, 24 hour gyms and various Personal Training studios in Melbourne but there is very few places where you can Train Specifically For Sports. At No Regrets Personal Training we provide not only the type of facility and equipment that is suited to training for sports, but we also have the knowledge, experience and proven programs to take your sporting performance to the next level. If you are a keen sportsmen or sportswomen who wants a training program to improve performance and make you the best at your chosen sport, you need more than the regular personal training “go hard, go home” style of training. You need a well designed by someone that understands how to assess your body's requirements for your chosen sport. Once an assessment that defines your strengths and weakenesses has been completed the program must include all of the intricate movements and skills required for your sport. Only a plan that can deliver this type of training will allow you to see real results truly improve your sporting performance. This is why our program works so well, as just like elite athletes, we are endlessly striving to find ways to excel and develop new methods and techniques, to get the best out of our clients body. Unlike most personal trainers and the current Strength & Conditioning models, we break down the barriers of traditional thinking and introduce concepts like reactivity training and organized chaos! Our reputation in the Mitcham and Vermont area with local VFL Football Players, Tennis Players, SEABL Basketball Players, Golf Professionals and Netball players proves our ability to provide specific to the athlete training, that gets results. We currently have a full time PGA Golf Professional and the number 12 ranked National Junior Tennis player on our roster, plus two players from Box Hill Hawks. One of our trainers Dylan Vizarri is himself a VFL player for Box Hill Hawks. Injury prevention is a critical component of training for sports, for if you get injured you don't play! And our rehabilitation and core strength training is our specialty. Essential for anyone playing sports.

Check out our Assessment Process used with Elite Athletes and What We Would Regard As Our Top 7 Exercises For Sports


Every year we hold several 4 week long Strength & Conditioning Training camps for Football players where we teach everything about how to train correctly for football. We are about to launch our Pre Season AFL Football Strength & Conditioning Training Camp for all amateur and professional football players where we teach you how to correctly train for football. Make sure you check out our Football Training Camp by clicking here.

In this 4 week extensive course these are just some of the things we cover

  1. Strength Training to add muscle size to break tackles and hold position in contests
  2. Improve your lateral movement to sidestep opponents with ease
  3. Develop explosive acceleration to burst away from stoppages
  4. Build a stronger core to outpoint bigger opponents in one on one battles
  5. Improve stability, agility and balance to keep your feet in a contest

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The days of just bulking up using body building exercises are over. You must evolve to using advanced techniques and methods that mimic your sport with the intention of creating improvement in speed, power, agility, balance and strength. Just adding bulk to someone does not improve any of these skills. In fact many of the more popular gym exercises such as bench press or leg press are performed lying down usually lifting weights at slow speeds. The game is played standing up and at high speed, usually on an unstable surface performing some complex movement all while getting knocked or bumped! How can lying on your back lifting a heavy load improve this type of skill? This type of training besides making you dysfunctional and likely to get postural injuries like hamstring strains, groin strains and shoulder problems WILL make players slower, not faster! Only a well designed program that takes into account ALL of the variables a Football player needs will correctly prepare them for the game.

Below is a list of the abilities we test our clients and design programs for? I have rated out of 10 the importance of each ability to give you an idea of what a program should include. When thinking of a rating try to think of 10/10 being the best in the world for that ability. For example a weight lifter would need a 10/10 for strength and power.

  1. Strength - 7/10
  2. Speed - 9/10
  3. Power - 9/10
  4. Agility - 10/10
  5. Balance - 8/10
  6. Endurance - 8/10
  7. Co-Ordination - 8/10
  8. Flexibility - 7/10

Here is what one of our clients has to say about our Football Specific Training Program

“After years of partaking in monotonous and unrelated training programs, training with Nick has opened up a whole new world of fitness, giving me that edge I needed. Playing high level football is one of the most physically demanding activities I can imagine, and I found myself asking how can I possibly be better than the guy next to me if I am doing exactly the same training as he is.
My knowledge of training components has increased dramatically since training with Nick, escaping the traditional body building training routine that most people get sucked into. By utilising whole body exercises with dynamic strength training, and improving my pos-ture, Nick has helped me become fitter and stronger in ways I didn’t know existed. I have not necessarily learned to train harder but certainly smarter, our training sessions have not only been helpful physically for myself, but mentally as Nick has a wealth of knowledge, helping me understand what I need to know in many different areas of health and fitness.
Overall I have benefited immensely from my training with Nick; areas of my game have been specifically replicated in our training programs which have helped me reach great heights in my football career. Playing first divi-sion with Box Hill and getting the opportunity to play each week even with a full Hawthorn list playing would never have been possible were it not for my intense training sessions with Nick.” Luke Andrews

To arrange a consult or if you just want more detail about our Football Program click here

Check out the videos below where we show you how we create Strength Training exercises that relate to Football


On our team we are lucky to have Elley Butcher not only an Exercise Physiologist but also an experienced Tennis player and qualified Tennis coach who runs our sports program for Tennis players. The game ofTennis is unique and often under rated by many as to the physical requirements needed to play. The game requires extended periods of exertion in the form of explosive sprints in virtually any direction, with body movements in all conceivable combinations of movement planes. The neuromechanical demands of tennis requires perfect timing of the stabilizer system in conjuction with the movement or mobilizer systems. In additon, tennis movements require the player to have the ability to effectively utilize gravity and maintain perfect balance at high speeds in order to hit the ball to an exact spot on the court. Effective utilization of gravity is critical to performance and prevention of injury. It is crucial for ALL tennis players to learn how to improve skills like balance, stability, agility, speed and power all at the same time! This will not only prevent injury but dramatically improve performance.

Here is Jera Staley our young tennis athlete.

What Is Involved In Our Tennis Conditioning Program?

Firstly the reason most programs in the gym don't work for tennis players because they do not take into account the basic physical demands of tennis. The energy demands for tennis are similar to a 100m sprinter! Yet most programs given to tennis players are designed as if they are a marathon runner! Here are some statistics to keep in mind.

  1. The average point length is less than 6 seconds.
  2. Ninety-three percent of all tennis points are less than 15sec.
  3. The maximum time players are allowed to take between points is 20sec but the average is 15.2sec, and players are allowed to rest for 90sec every 2 games they play.Taking into account average point durations and rest periods, players can therefore expect to rest for 2.3-3.2sec for every second of work performed.

Here is our 12 week Tennis Conditioning Program at a glance

  1. Week 1-2 - Posture, Flexibility & Basic Core Conditioning Assessment
  2. Week 3-5 - Movement Pattern and Functional Movement Skills Training
  3. Week 6 & 7 - Stability, Balance & Agility Training
  4. Week 8 & 9 - Integrated Strength Training
  5. Week 10 & 12 - Speed & Power Training

Once all the phases have been completed we retest and repeat the program with more advanced and challenging exercise programs. A well designed program will always follow a process of identifying muscle imbalance and postural dysfunction before moving to more advanced training methods of strength, speed and power. We call this the Success Formula (pictured below)


As Fitness experts and athletes ourselves from various backgrounds, with a genuine passion for every kind of sport, we are proud to be able to offer first-class sport specific training in Mitcham to the weekend warrior right up to the semi professionals. We still currently compete in Cycling, Distance Running, Triathlon events ourselves and have won several individual awards in both male and female categories. I myself, Nick Jack, have a very strong background in many sports I have over 20 years experience playing basketball at A Grade level, 10 years of Tennis at Pennant level and more recently participated in distance running events where I have won a Fun Run over 5km and hold several PB's that are in the top 5% of the field over distances from 5km to 21km. I also hold a Bronze Level Sports Conditioning Qualification with Twist Conditioning and am also a qualified Golf Performance Specialist (See our specific Golf Program). We base all our sport specific training on methods supported by scientific evidence and years of extensive training with both Twist Conditioning ( see  )  and CHEK institute ( ) plus extensive practical experience. Check out our full credentials by clicking here

A full consultation with us will establish your strengths and weaknesses and the particular athletic objectives you want to achieve. We will then design a program of sports specific training that we guarantee will take you to the next level.

Our programs can focus on creating superior movement patterns and abilities specific to your sport in order to improve your general performance and decrease your risk of injury. We have a strong emphasis on improving the body's efficiency at performing key movement patterns along with what is known as Bio-motor abilities.

The key movement patterns  every sportsperson needs to improve a player’s function in the sports environment are push, pull, twist, lunge, squat and bend. It is important that these are developed to a high standard and in the standing position. I highly suggest you read our article on why Movement Skills Success and Training Muscles Does Not

Having expert coaches who know how to train movement and have the skills, tools and experience is essential. We provide video analysis of every movement pattern and can break this down into step by step process of where you are not performing correctly. This type of training you WILL NOT get at any standard gym. See below for examples of our exercise analysis.

The Bio-motor abilities we test our sportsperson on are strength, balance, flexibility, speed, power,  co-ordination, endurance and agility. Because we know ALL of these skills are completely essential to most sports and along with efficient movement patterns, we design programs to meet your needs accordingly. Swiss balls, BOSU's, balance boards, slingshots, medicine balls, cables, dumbbells and barbells are just some of the tools used in conjunction with specific exercise to help us build these skills, and ultimately your strength and power. Deficiencies in any of these movements or skills will increase the chance of injury and lead to undeveloped motor skills and ultimately poor performance!

Often the environment you train in is as important as the training program. We are an exclusive facility that offers superior sports training to talented and determined sportspeople. We have no machines in our studio and plenty of space to be able to move like you would in your chosen sport. By choosing No Regrets you will workout in a focused, professional and comfortable environment.

Our sports specific training will leave you feeling stronger, faster and fitter than ever before. Our fully-qualified trainers will also be on hand to motivate and encourage you at every step of the way. Fill in the consultation form below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to organize a time to meet up and discuss your goals so you too can be the best at your chosen sport.

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